Joomla! Security - Useful Security tips for your website by RSJoomla.com, Joomla! Day Netherlands, 2010

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As we assumed, the Joomla! Day Netherlands, 2010 turned out to be a great event. Joomla! dagenThanks to the organizers that invited us to speak at the event and to the friendly Dutch community that we have met during the event.

In case you didn't have the chance to watch it live on Joomla! Day Netherlands, we have made the presentation available for download in a .pdf format.

What includes the presentation?

You will find 15 pages with useful security tips, that you can apply for your Joomla! websites. It also includes methods used by hackers to find security breaches, techniques to prevent getting hacked and some practical examples. Here's a summary:

  • Most common attack points: methods used to hack a website like Injections, Cross Site Scripting, Remote File Includes, trough unprotected local machines, crackers and brute force attacks.
  • Joomla! components: even if Joomla! itself is a stable environment, there are vulnerable components, modules and plugins that may compromise the site security. This chapter explains some methods used to test components and establish that a Joomla! extension is safe.
  • What can you do to protect yourself: The chapter presents methods used to prevent hackers' attacks, like having a test server for components and updates, separately from your site; using security components (Pros & Cons), enforce password strength and backend user monitoring, update Joomla! conscientiously, have a local antivirus, periodic log file scan.
  • Backing up your files and DB: explains why is necessary and how frequently you should do a back-up of your files and DB.
  • Tools that hackers use : a list of known tools used by hackers to determine site vulnerabilities.

RSFirewall! - Joomla! security

RSJoomla.com is offering much more then just tips and tricks on the security subject. We have developed RSFirewall!, a specialized Joomla! security component that will help you in securing your website. More information ...

You can also watch Rene Kreijveld's slides about RSForm!Pro MultiPage forms presented at the event.

Download the Presentation

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