RSForm!Pro - Improved Payments and Taxes

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RSForm!Pro Payment Package Update

We have improved the payment functionality of RSForm!Pro and now, displaying a fixed or percentual tax for your payment methods, within your form, is easier than ever.

How it works?

In the previous version of the plugin, you were only allowed to use the "{price}" and "{currency}" placeholders while configuring the Total Price Mask field within the RSForm!Pro's Payment configuration.

RSForm!Pro Payment Package

This means that in the case when a 10% tax was added for a payment method(for example Stripe), the tax was considered but not displayed in the form, before submit. This was only viewable on the actual payment processor's page, as on the image below.

RSForm!Pro Payment Package

In the new version of the RSForm!Pro Payment Package Plugin, we have introduced two new placeholders for usage {tax} and {grandtotal}, which as suggested, will return the tax amount and the grand total being the total + tax.

So, if we'll use these placeholders within the Total Price Mask field, in this case the tax or grand total will be displayed in the form before submit.

RSForm!Pro Payment Package

Also, the same total will be displayed on the payment processor's page, as you can see below.

RSForm!Pro Payment Package

The newly introduced placeholders can also be used in the component emails, thank you message or PDF files, in case you want to display the tax information after the form has been submitted.

Note: You will have to update RSForm!Pro Payment Package plugin, as well as other RSForm!Pro payment plugins that you are using, in order to be able to add the tax and this functionality to work properly.

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