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RSForm!Pro Zapier

We are glad to announce that RSForm!Pro has been enriched with a new integration, this time with Zapier.

The Zapier platform allows users to sync data across a variety of web services, such as Google Sheets, Google Forms, Gmail, Twitter, just to name a few.

Creating an integration with this platform increases the flexibility of RSForm!Pro, which is now able to send the submission information to all these services, through the Zapier Webhooks.

How this works?

The integration steps are really simple:

1. From your Zapier account, make a new Zap, by selecting the Webhook method

2. Follow the steps until you generate the Webhook URL

3. Copy the Webhook URL and paste it into your forms Zapier Settings

4. Submit your RSForm!Pro Form and head back to your Zapier account

5. Test your trigger and see the information submitted from RSForm!Pro

6. Map your selected service fields with the information submitted from RSForm!Pro

7. Finish the configuration

For a more detailed description of the steps that you need to take and also an example on how to integrate with Google Sheets, please refer to RSForm!Pro Zapier plugin's documentation.

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