RSForm!Pro Zoom integration update

in RSForm! on 20 Jan 2021 having 0 comments
RSForm!Pro Zoom Functionality Improvements

We are happy to announce that we have released an improved version of RSForm!Pro Zoom integration plugin.


1. In this new version of the plugin, the integration configuration has been improved and the Zoom user selection can be done in a more fashionable way. Instead of selecting the user from a dropdown list, as in the previous version, now this can be done from a modern popup window. The selection can also be reset by pressing a single button.

RSForm!Pro Zoom Popup

2. We have also added a new placeholder {zoom_meeting_id} that can be used in order to display the ID of the meeting in 'Thank you' message or the form emails. The meeting ID is a 10 or 11-digit number associated with an instant or scheduled meeting.

This will be available for the meetings that requires registration and the placeholder is useful in order to easily identify the meeting you(or your users) are registering to.

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