RSDirectory! 1.10.0 - Improved search, credits and if clauses

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RSDirectory! 1.10.0

Our new and improved version of RSDirectory! is here.

Here is a list with some of the new features and improvements of RSDirectory! version 1.10.0:

Entries search by word combinations

In this new version of RSDirectory! we have introduced a new option, "Entries search by word combinations", that will enhance the component's search functionality.

When enabled(from component's configuration page), this option will allow searching any word combination. Eg: search for - audi r8 or r8 audi. If the title is 'Audi German Car Model R8', the entry will be displayed because it contains both words.

Improved if clauses

In the previous versions of the component, the if clauses were quite simple, they were based only on the field's content, if this was set or not.

We have decided to improve this functionality and based on the RSForm!Pro's model, we have added the functionality of using operators when creating if clauses.

Now the {if} clauses can accept the following operators: <= , >=, <>, <, >, !=, =,==,===, <-, ->

Improved credit system

Following our customer's feedback we have also improved the credit system of RSDirectory!. Now when the total number of credits is calculated, multiple criteria are considered.

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