The new System Plugin for RSFiles!

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We have recently released a new Joomla! plugin, the RSFiles! System Plugin, that aRSFiles! - Joomla! file extension

llows you to publish files and folders on a chosen page, whether the page includes text or is a 3rd party page.

It is rather easy to use:

  • in the backend panel, choose the page where you want to publish the content of the file or folder.
  • if you want to publish the entire content of the configured download folder, use the following syntax: {rsfiles }
  • if you want to publish the content of a file, there is an extra thing that you must specify in the brackets - the path where the file is located.
     e.g.  If your file is "ipad.jpg", then you will write {rsfiles  images/ipad.jpg}
  • if you want to publish the content of a specific folder, use the same syntax as you used for files (you must specify the path where the folder is located).
     e.g. If your folder is "images", then you will use {rsfiles  downloads/images/}


To download the plugin, log into your account on www.rsjoomla.com and head to Resources-> Customer Downloads.
Here you will find the list with available plugins for RSFiles!. Choose "System Plugin" for download.

A quick installation guide can be found here: Performing a new installation.
Don't forget to enable the plugin from the Plugin Manager before using it!

We truly hope that you will find use for it, and we are eagerly waiting for feedback or any questions that you might have!

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