RSFirewall! - version 3.0

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RSFirewall! 3.0

A new version of RSFirewall! has been released. Let's see what we have in store for you with this new version.

Joomla! 4.0 Compatibility

Although a stable version has not been released, we have started updating our components to support Joomla! 4. With this we plan to decrease the time needed to fully support Joomla! 4 once the stable version is released by setting up our foundation, then making the necessary adjustments based on the release changelog.

We do not advise to update your live sites to Joomla! 4, the current compatibility is only meant for tests on your development servers.
New configuration options for the System Check

This new version introduces two new configuration options for the System Check that will increase the flexibility of our scanner.

  • Optional core folders: using this option you can define the folders that will be skipped during the Core integrity check of your Joomla! installation. This should be used for folders belonging to default Joomla! templates or components that can be uninstalled when setting up your Joomla! site.
  • Ignore hidden files: files that start with a dot(.) are flagged as suspicious during the system check. You can use this setting to define the legitimate files that are part of your installation, for example the .htaccess file.
Improved overall functionality

Aside from the new features introduced in this new release we also took a look "under the hood", tidying up the source code, updating certain areas for a more consistent display and also removing configuration sections that were no longer used. For a complete list of improvements added please check the component changelog through the link below.

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