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in RSForm!Pro on 20 Feb 2009 having 0 comments

New RSForm!Pro backup and restore optionThe new RSForm!Pro 1.2.0 version now lets you backup independent forms. You can even choose whether you want to backup also the submissions or only the forms you have created.

In the new version there is also the option to append backed up forms to the existing ones.

We are creating a library of free downloadable form examples for RSForm!Pro that you will be able to install in your Joomla!.

This library will contain nice form designs and small customization scripts such as dynamic dropdown creation, country and state selectors, multi-page form examples and much more.

Here is the complete list of fixes and add-ons to the new revision :

Rev 21 20.02.2009
Added - Improved backup and restore procedures
Fixed - Bug when deleting the title of a form
Fixed - Bug when not specifying the max file size of the upload

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