RSEvents!Pro 1.12.14 - improved event functionalities and imports

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Track unsubscribers from events

The latest version of RSEvents!Pro allows you to also track unsubscribers from your events. This way you can generate a complete list of users that initially subscribed to your event, then cancelled their attendance.

The event owner is able to see the list of the event unsubscribers, from the frontend area, by clicking on the "Admin Options" dropdown and selecting "Unsubscribers".

The unsubscribers can also be exported to a CSV file through the Export to CSV option.

Cancel events

We are constantly improving the event management functionality and have now included one more action - event cancelling. Events can be cancelled either by the event owner, from the frontend area, either by the website's administrators, from the admin panel.

An email notification is also available that will be sent to the event subscribers when the event is cancelled.

Import events from Facebook groups

We could not complete this release without also improving the Facebook import functionality. With the new version you will also be able to import events from Facebook groups. All you need to do is connect with Facebook, then you'll be able to select your Facebook groups from which you want to retrieve events.

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