RSBlog! 1.13.20 - Ajax pagination and blog authors menu item

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RSBlog! 1.13.20 - Ajax pagination and blog authors menu item

Our new and improved version of RSBlog! is here.

Here is a list with the new features introduced along with this new version of the component:

Blog Authors listing page

The new version of RSBlog! includes a new menu item, named "Authors" that will allow you to display a list of authors that posted blog articles on your website.

AJAX pagination

Another feature introduced along with this version of RSBlog! is "AJAX pagination", which can be enabled by heading to "Components > RSBlog! > Options > Frontend" and setting the "Pagination" option to "Ajax".

After enabling this option, a "Load more" button will be displayed within your blog listing page and once this button is clicked, a new batch of posts will be loaded on the page, through Ajax.

New blog post options

Now you can have a more granular control of what information is displayed in your blog posts, you can exclude/include information like author, post categories, subscribe icon and many others.

Don't forget to keep the component updated and from its latest features.

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