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RSFirewall!Pro for WordPress

Nowadays, there are a lot of dangers in putting up a Web page, from invasions of privacy to actual hackers cracking your security, so an application that helps you protect your site and your on-line business is a must!

When it comes to WordPress, things are not different, even if this is a popular Content Management system that powers nearly one-third of the world’s websites.

So, if you are searching for WordPress security solutions, then RSFirewall! WordPress plugin is the optimal solution for your website.

RSFirewall! for WordPress helps you protect and monitor your site and online business through active scanners, automatic blacklists, website traffic control and also server side security recommendations that will strengthen your defenses.

This plugin has been developed by a team of professionals, with a long history in website security that are up to date with the latest known vulnerabilities and security updates.

Some features of RSFirewall! Free for WordPress:

Local/remote file inclusion protection

This feature disallows attackers to download and run malicious scripts by exploiting poorly coded extensions.

SQL injection protections

RSFirewall! for WordPress enables filtering for information submitted in your forms or within your URLs.

WordPress core files integrity monitor

Checks if WordPress core files have been adjusted. It compares the actual file with a pre-calculated hash of the original core file.

REST API blocking

The RSFirewall! plugin will return a 404 page when any REST API call is made (except whitelisted IP's and the custom exceptions you can add).

Perform a System check

The System Check is an on-demand scanner that performs an extensive scan of your WordPress installation.

Email notifications on detected threats

The plugin will send an email notification when one of the monitored files has been changed.

Some features of RSFirewall! Paid for WordPress:

Two Factor Authentication

Through this feature RSFirewall! for WordPress plugin will greatly increase the security of your user account.

Country Blocking

This feature will allow you to block all IPs that appear to be coming from specific countries.

Protect forms from abusive IPs

When a form is submitted, RSFirewall! Paid for WordPress checks if IPs of form submitter exist in the Spamhaus XBL and SBL lists and if it does, then blocks the request.

Convert email addresses to images

Through this feature RSFirewall! for WordPress plugin will convert all email addresses in your website, from plain text to images.

How to upgrade to RSFirewall! Paid for WordPress?
Upgrade steps:

1. Purchase a new RSFirewall! Paid subscription by accessing the product page and clicking on the "Buy now" button.

2. Go to RSFirewall! > Configuration and click on the "Updates" tab.

3. Make sure you paste your license code in the "License Key" textbox. If you don't know where to get this code, click here.

4. After the license code has been added, you will notice that RSFirewall! needs to be updated.

5. Head to Plugins section and update RSFirewall!

Check out the new features of the RSFirewall! Paid version!

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