RSJoomla!'s approach to GDPR compliance - part 2

RSJoomla! and GDPR part 2

Continuing from where we left off, here is a list of the rest of our extensions and how they are updated for GDPR compliance.


Starting off, we have our event management component, RSEvents!Pro. Being one of our oldest extensions, this has received numerous improvements and is quite complex in its functionality. The event specific information like the event name or location do not fall under the GDPR legislation, but the event owner information and event subscribers do, so this is where our focus was directed:

  • event owners can easily delete their events from the general listing pages or through the event details page using the Admin options menu.
  • enable/disable the storing of IPs through the general component configuration.
  • added a new configuration option for enabling the explicit consent field. This will be used in the component forms to require explicit consent for recording the user information.
  • event subscribers can now edit or delete their subscriptions from the RSEvents!Pro specific Subscriptions menu item.

Next in line is our directory extension, RSDirectory!. Similar to RSEvents!Pro the component will record information regarding the users that publish entries and also the users that submit reviews, reports for your available entries. According to the GDPR standard we have introduced:

  • an option to enable/disable the storing of IPs through the general component configuration.
  • explicit consent requirement for adding/editing, reporting and reviewing entries.
  • users can anonymize their information and delete their reports.

Moving on to the blogosphere, RSBlog! will record information regarding your authors and the users that subscribe to your blog. The update for GDPR is quite simple for this component:

  • we have added an option to control the storing of the user IPs in the configuration.
  • added an option that specifically ask for the users consent when submitting a component specific form.

Another easy update for GDPR, RSComments! records information regarding the users that comment on your site and subscribe to your comment threads. To align the component to the new GDPR standard we have introduced:

  • an option for controlling the storing of user IPs in the general configuration.
  • a new field when using the component specific forms for requesting explicit consent.
  • you can now allow anonymous commenting for your site, this way no user information is recorded.

The next component in our list is RSFiles!. Although the component focuses on allowing you to create a download section for your site users (groups of users or individual), you will record user information when this functionality is used on your site. The GDPR update contains:

  • an option to enable or disable the recording of user IPs.
  • an extra option in the component specific forms for requesting explicit consent.
  • added an option to automatically delete/clear the `Email download` entries logs after a specific period of time, the exact time a file history is kept is controlled from the general component configuration.

Last but not least, RSFeedback! will store information regarding users that leave a feedback on your site and also users that subscribe, vote or comment to your current feedback entries. In order to respect the GDPR standard we have introduced the following options:

  • users can now anonymize their information.
  • your site administrators can also anonymize information at your users request.
  • a new option for requesting explicit consent from users to record personal information in the component specific forms.
  • you now have the option to enable or disable the storing of user IPs.


This covers all of our currently available extensions, just in time before the GDPR directive comes into play. As always please leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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