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Do you have tons of articles that you actively have to manage in your Joomla! administrator?

But not just that .. how much time do you spend searching for users, plugins, modules, components and menu items..RSFinder! - Joomla! admin module

RSFinder! is an universal search tool for your Joomla! Administrator panel. Not just that, RSFinder! helps you accessing anything that you have to manage in less than 2 seconds.

You are also able to create new articles, new categories and sections, new users and menu items.

How to do that in 3 easy steps?

  • Step 2: install the Joomla! module and plugin
  • Step 3: press Ctrl+Up arrow to activate the search, type 2-3 letters of your keyword and results will start showing

Check out RSFinder!'s complete list of features and userguide here: or the RSFinder! video tutorial:

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