RSBlog! ver 1.13.0 is here!

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We are proudly announcing the improved version of RSBlog!, our powerful weblog management solution. Check out the new features we have introduced in the new release.

1. Upload blog post attachments.

It has never been easier to share or attach something to your blog post. Now, with this new feature, the reader is one click away from viewing or downloading your attachment.

Upload blog post attachments

2. Parse email attachments from the remote publishing option.

A constant request from our users was the ability to parse email attachments and also set the cover image for a remotely created blog post. With the new component version this option is now available, you can get an in-depth explanation on how to use this powerful new feature in our online documentation.

3. EasyBlog import plugin.

No more wasting time trying to manually copy-paste the content from EasyBlog into your RSBlog! posts. Once installed and enabled, the EasyBlog Import Plugin will allow you to import the content from EasyBlog into RSBlog!.

4. Time to read blog post.

Long articles tend to bore even the most loyal readers, you can now add an approximate time period required to read the new blog posts. This is a simple addition, you just need to add the estimated duration in the post configuration.

time to read blog post

Note: Expired subscriptions can be renewed with a 30% discount (this discount is applied automatically).

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