Crucial Comment Functionality in RSComments! V 1.13.3!

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A new version of RSComments! is out (Version 1.13.3) and as you will observe, we have made a few interesting additions to this one in respect to the overall layout and features. So let’s talk about what’s new in this version.

Exciting New Additions

You have more control over who is allowed to comment on your website, because you can block abuser IPs, preventing them from commenting.

If before the location from which the comment came was unknown, now users can actually share their location through the form, adding to your information base.

It’s easier to moderate comments, because we introduced two new placeholders: {approve} and {delete} for the comment notification emails. Site moderators can approve or deny any comment with a quick and simple click inside their comment notification email.

Improvements? Of course!

We couldn’t release an extension update without perfecting its existing features and functions as well. After giving it a great deal of thought, we decided to make the following improvements to RSComments!

  • We have introduced the most popular icons font, Font Awesome, in the component layout.
  • You can now easily create a more compact layout for the commenting form by choosing to hide the form field labels.

These functionality additions and improvements will enhance your experience with RSComments! To benefit from the latest enhancements make sure you maintain your extension updated.

To read the full length changelog click here: RSComments! Changelog

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