RSFirewall! just got even better! Version 2.9.0

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RSFirewall! just got even better! Version 2.9.0

What’s new you ask? I know time is money, so I’m going to dive right into it:

Website security won't be an issue during the Holiday Season thanks to the new and the enhanced RSFirewall! security features.

New features:
  • Core file check

Up to this point RSFirewall! did allow you to see what core files have been modified. False positives are real and can occur naturally. A common situation was that users where uploading Joomla! core files using an [ASCII] transfer type method instead of [binary]. This was causing hash calculation differences, though the files appeared to be identical. The 2.9.0 version allows you to see what exactly has been changed, not just the change file.

  • New blocking method

Besides the usual IP or country based blocking feature, the 2.9.0 version allows you to block visitors by referrer. This can be useful if you don't want visitors that come from another specific website; all you have to do is specify the domain name. Simple.

  • Improved firewall management

The new export/ import feature allows you to pass firewall configuration details from one domain to another. An offender on one website will always be an offender on other websites.

  • More control over System logs

You can now download the system logs in CSV format. This simple extra feature offers you many benefits among which I would like to mention: the possibility to make in-depth analysis, and to import the system logs in Excel or other specialised log analysis tools.

Upgrades on existing features:
  • New malware signatures

The new malware signatures were added to the RSFirewall! database, and that’s very important because each malware has a signature. When a file is uploaded, RSFirewall! scans the file for all malware signatures. Keeping the malware signature list up to date is crucial to keeping your website free of threats; the system recognizes which action is necessary to eliminate the “infection”.

  • System Check last run time is now recorded

Every system check time is recorded now so you can always know how long it’s been since you last system checkup, in order to optimally monitor and enforce security.

We have also made various visual improvements such as displaying country flags for blacklists and whitelists and improving interface views that can be overridden if necessary. The list goes on; read more about the upgrades on the RSFirewall! Changelog page.

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