6 Reasons why Client Feedback is Vital for your Business

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Engage them, offer them new solutions, gather their feedback and ideas.

Why? Read this article.

Customer feedback is a marketing term that refers to the customer’s opinion about the company, its values and policies, its products, services and support - all obtained through a well put together process.

The reason for wanting to gather this customer feedback is that it represents insight into customer satisfaction and preferences, thus it guides your decision making and you can adapt parts of your business to increase its overall success and return.

In the following, you will find 5 ways you can use customer feedback effectively.

1 Use it to create or improve a product/service

Feedback is useful well before your finish your product and commercialize it. Even as a startup, you can use feedback as a guide throughout your development process, to make sure that the end product will be something that meets your target customer’s needs and even exceeds their expectations. Practically, you test your business idea before spending resources on it to commercialize it. The companies that do this are the ones that will have competitive advantages, loyal customers and valuable customer advocates.

In this case your customers become active contributors. You can adjust your products and perfect your services to match market preferences.

If you have a well implemented feedback gathering solution and a customer takes the time to leave a suggestion, idea or even a complaint, listen to them, don’t ignore them.

Sometimes you might be thinking:

“He isn’t a loyal customer, he is a bad customer or an exception.”

The thing is, if he took the time to leave feedback then he cares enough about your products to make him a valuable customer. Listen and adapt your product, making it something your customers will want to buy.

2 Use it to measure customer satisfaction

After you put your product in the hands of the consumers, you can start to measure customer satisfaction to help see if you did indeed meet their needs or exceed their expectations. This is most effectively done through your website, which is the main medium of communication with your audience. So let them rate and comment on your latest products and features!

3 Use it to create better customer experience and make it easier to leave feedback

Customer experience is just as important as your product and that’s why constantly improving it can be a determining factor of your business success. Retaining new business partners, new customers - it all depends on customer feedback. Offering them an excellent UX (user experience) is your aim and it’s what will bring them coming back and tell others about your great products as well. Asking customers what they want and offering a personalized experience - that’s how to stand out from the competition!

4 Use it to improve customer retention (feedback and testimonials published on your website)

Customer feedback is a way of finding out whether they are happy with your services or not, so you have time to fix things and avoid losing their business. A satisfied customer is a retained one. Both positive and negative feedback is very valuable, but make sure to use the positive kind in the front of your website (testimonials, reviews). So make sure to ask for feedback, make it clear to customers that it will be use and where and thank them! They will like to give you their suggestions.

5 Use it to make better business decisions

Use customer feedback data as the source of all decision making, because too often business owners base business decisions on hunches. Let customers suggest new features, vote for each feature. Implement the features with the most votes.

6 Use it to identify customer advocates

By studying customer feedback you will notice that some customers give you very high scores. Those clients are your customer advocates; they are the most valuable marketing campaigns because they are unbiased when dealing with your business and other potential customers. Customers trust word of mouth, and they will trust your advocates.

After you identify your advocates, what is left to do is build a strong, mutually-beneficial relationship.

Now for gathering feedback, most tools are intrusive, with pop-ups and other such techniques that bother customers. That’s why you cannot leave this task to be randomly executed by inexperienced outside parties or interns. But there is a way to automate feedback gathering; RSFeedback!, for example, is a very versatile solution, persuading customers to leave feedback on their own terms, letting visitors add new ideas, vote for existing ones and, of course, comment on them.

Conclusion: Feedback influences your product roadmap and you can never have too much of it! Find out what your customers like and make them come back for more! Use feedback to innovate, stay relevant and grow your business.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the section below. What you think matters!

Thank you for reading and if you like it, share it!

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Kams - 12.11.2015 (19:08:39)

Customer is everything for a business. Your business have no aim without customer. So customer feedback is really important. I appreciate the reasons you mentioned. Thank for sharing your knowledge.


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