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RSForm!Pro PDF plugin - Tips & Tricks!

in Development, RSForm!Pro on 03 Jul 2015 having 2 comments

Either you're just starting out or have found yourself in situations that required particular needs in controlling the PDF output, the following tips and tricks will lessen your cause and inspire new possibilities.

RSForm!Pro PDF - tips and tricks
RSForm!Pro PDF Plugin

Although data submitted through RSForm!Pro is stored in the database, you can extend this functionality with the PDF plugin . You will be able to generate a PDF file that includes the information you gathered in the form, file which can be attached to the generated emails or stored in a folder (with the help of custom scripting) for later usage.

Why would you need this functionality? PDFs make it not only easy to transmit files between your computers, but also get your documents across clearly preserving the look and feel of the original source file without having to worry about it. The files will be "print" ready in a matter of minutes.

Tips & Tricks

We've composed a list of most common scenarios and how these can be implemented.

  • Font, paper size, layout orientation

    You can specify the actual content and layout of the generated PDF file. You can use standard HTML along with the usual RSform!Pro placeholders. Orientation of your layout can be changed from Portrait to Landscape in a size of your own choosing (A4, A3).

  • Password protect your files

    One PDF file can have 2 passwords, an Owner password and an User password. The "Owner password" is used to remove any restriction (Allowed Options) you might have set on your PDF file, while the "User password" will be used in order to allow the user to view the PDF contents (you can even try dynamic approach on this and generate different passwords for your PDF files on form submission).

  • Save files to folders

    Although the default functionality of the PDF plugin is to generate the PDF file on the "spot" when the link is accessed, with a little custom scripting you can save the files to your server.

  • Dynamically remove uncompleted form fields

    In case you do not have many required fields it does not mean that your Layout will look incomplete. RSForm!Pro incorporates a specialized syntax {if} statement that removes its contents in case a field doesn't have a value.


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How to get it

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