RSSeo! - Google Analytics issues?

in RSSeo! on 05 Jun 2015 having 0 comments
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Are you experiencing issues when accessing RSSeo! - Google Analytics tab?

In the past few days, Google implemented some changes that affected RSSeo! usage as well. RSSeo! version 1.18.19 was released to address this.

Generating Google Analytics API Keys

The Google Analytics API services represent a free, powerful method of implementing statistics for your website. RSSeo! includes support for the Analytics API, and step by step instructions on implementing this can be found here.

Update required

There are two ways of updating your extension, both explained here. If you are in need of a subscription, you can purchase one from the product page.

Expired subscriptions can be renewed with a 30% discount (this discount is applied automatically).

Make a change!

Particular cases, have particular needs. Add your suggestions through the feedback section.

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