Up to 40% off all RSJoomla! extensions and templates for Easter!

We want to make this year’s Easter one to remember and what better way to do that than to zip up the RSJoomla! Easter bunny costume and bring you a special gift: 20% discount on all single site subscriptions and templates and a 40% discount on multi site subscriptions.

We are sure you’ve done some spending, getting ready for the Easter Holidays and RSJoomla! has decided to bring some more sunshine on your street with this offer up for grabs starting right now (April 3rd) and ending on the 17th of April, 2015 at 2359 hours UTC+3.

Do you want to… keep your website protected from hackers? Further optimise your business website for search? Gather valuable feedback and information from your clients? Better organise and administer your events? Get a better reach of your audience and offer first-rate support? Now you can do all that and more with our performance boosting extensions.

Browse the RSJoomla! Extension List and our Responsive Template Designs - get the best match for your business.

  • Use Coupon Code B38JSA7 for 20% off single site subscriptions and all our user-friendly responsive template designs.
  • Use Coupon Code AK92PS8 for 40% off multi site subscriptions.
  • Get 6 or 12 months support according to the package you choose.

The discount can be applied for new purchases not license renewals.

Chocolate bunnies, colourful eggs, fresh air and picnic baskets are surely on your mind with the Easter Holidays coming up so soon. To get a great feeling that lasts long after the holidays are over, take care of your business website too!

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