RSFirewall! 2.8.0 - Improved CryptoPHP Detection and Reduced Package Size

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The latest version of RSFirewall! comes with a radical shift in how Joomla! hashes are brought into the component, that you can read more about in this post.


You have probably heard of the CryptoPHP script inclusion found in all sorts of CMS extension packages downloaded from warez websites. Although we definitely do not support such practises, security always comes first. This version of RSFirewall! also includes an updated System Check that is capable of better detecting the inclusion, without generating false positives.

The "Big" Problem

RSFirewall!'s installation package recently exceeded the 2 MB upload limitation that so many hosting providers impose. This was causing a lot of trouble to our customers when trying to install the component, as they needed to either contact the hosting companies and request an increase of upload_max_filesize to 3 MB, or to install via FTP, otherwise ending up with the message below:

How Did We Fix It?

From now on, the RSFirewall! installation package will only include hashes for the latest releases of Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x (2.5.27 and 3.3.6 to date). If you install RSFirewall! on an older version of Joomla!, the hashes will get downloaded once you run the System Check. This approach has greatly reduced the package size, currently leaving it to less than 1 MB.

What You Need to Know

This won't work without a valid license code:

or an active license:

Remember, you can either renew your RSFirewall! license with a 30% discount or like our Facebook page and get a brand-new RSFirewall! license with a 50% discount.


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Alexandru Plapana - 27.11.2014 (09:52:31)

Once you've liked the Facebook page, you will be able to access the "Discounts" app. There you will notice the discount coupons for both RSFirewall! and RSSeo!.


Jose Antonio Suarez P - 27.11.2014 (09:15:43)

Hello Srs, i did like your facebook page! :) how can I get this:
"or like our Facebook page and get a brand-new RSFirewall! license with a 50% discount."
I do not have a lot of money so it will be great for me if I can gete this deal...
Thank you!


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