Joomla! Bible, by Ric Shreves

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Recently, has published the article "Top 50 Joomla! extensions" , an excerpt of an upcoming book "Joomla! Bible" , written by Ric Shreves.

Joomla! Bible"The Joomla! Bible help users learn about the online Joomla! resources, including most importantly, the online Extensions site, where users can find and download extensions that add additional functionality to their Joomla! site. With more than 5,000 extensions listed in the directory, the Extensions site contains literally too many choices for most users. In the text we will identify the most useful extensions for common functions like site maintenance and enhancement of the core functionality (e.g., Galleries, Newsletters, etc.). "

We're honoured that our Joomla! form builder, RSForm!Pro is part of the Top 50 extensions , a list that wants to be a starting point for addressing common needs.

Also, we would like to thank all users that had supported our components RSForm!Pro, RSForm!, RSTickets! and RSFinder! on "The ultimate top 10 Joomla! extensions" on Joomlashack's website.

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