RSDirectory! ver. 1.4.0 - New: module, integrations and features

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A new version of RSDirectory! is at hand! List entries on the users' Community Builder and JomSocial profiles, place an entry slider on your website's pages and more.

New integrations

You can now list, on your users' Community Builder or JomSocial profiles, the entries that they have submitted through RSDirectory!. All of this is possible using the Community Builder and JomSocial plugins.

The Entries Carousel module

The number of modules that you can use in frontend template positions has increased. Using the Entries Carousel module you can display a slider, preferable in positions that are specially dedicated for this type of modules, containing configurable entry listings.

Conditional placeholders

You might need to only show some information in emails or entry descriptions, titles and big or small subtitles if a value was submitted in a certain field. To make this possible we have introduced a special syntax based on if conditions, available in all RSDirectory! areas that allow the use of placeholders.

Extended search capabilities

The Filtering and Simple Search modules do a great job at searching through RSDirectory!'s entries, but their functionality is only limited to searching within our component's data. You can now integrate RSDirectory! with both of Joomla!'s default Search and Smart Search modules, by their afferent plugins.

There's more

Presented above are only the major additions, but the list is longer than that. Read the full changelog to get a better idea of what this new version brings to the table.

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