RSDirectory! Data Backup, SobiPro Migration and CSV Import

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RSDirectory!'s third release expands the component's functionality, by allowing backing up data and importing from SobiPro or CSV.

Importing tool

RSDirectory! is no longer only suitable should you build a new website. From this release on, the component also includes the possibility to migrate from either SobiPro or any other directory components that can export their data to the CSV format.


To make your transition from the well-known directory management system possible, we have implemented a complex migration tool that not only copies the SobiPro entries and categories, but also allows an efficient management of the conceptual differences between the two components.


The CSV format is widely spread, being present in the import / export features of most database managers and, in our case, Joomla! extensions. There is a high probability that your directory extension is capable of exporting its data in CSV files, so having this as a valid format was imperative for RSDirectory!. The tool is sophisticated enough to allow a proper configuration of the columns separators or importing from locations such as the hosting server, an external URL or the local hard drive, among others.

Saving your data

Finally, the life-saving possibility to back up your data is here! We all know how dangerous it can be for your business to lose the very information that gets things going. With a single click, you can create a backup file that includes all of the component's saved data, ranging from entries and categories, to configuration settings. Even more, each backup file will be cached, so you can later revert to older backups, not only the latest ones.

Restoring the data can be done, like importing form CSV files, from 3 locations: internal URL, external URL or from the local hard drive.

Other additions

Aside from the new features presented above, this new version of RSDirectory! also brings a new field type - the Image upload field and the possibility to batch process entries.

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Colin - 21.12.2018 (09:49:45)
can rs directory to Joomla articles

Ok We use Sobipro.
The goal is to migrate sobipro to EasyBlog.

So if we migrate SP to RS dir, can we then migrate RS to joomla articles?


Alexandru Plapana - 07.01.2015 (02:02:17)

What exactly isn't clear about mosets tree ?


Adel Ahmed - 06.01.2015 (17:22:55)
mosets tree

Still not clear about mosets tree


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