The Showcase contest pre-selection is over

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Although it took us a little longer than expected, the Showcase pre-selection is finally over. Over 25 websites were chosen for this contest (from over 150 submissions), built with the following components:

RSForm!Pro RSEvents!Pro RSMembership!
RSTickets!Pro RSFiles! RSMediaGallery!
RSBlog! RSComments! RSMail!

Vote for the best websites!

As we have promised at the beginning of the contest, the first 3 most voted websites's owners will get a free 12 months license for any RSJoomla! component they wish.

Each of the sections listed above contains a listing of websites created with that component. Clicking on the images associated with each website will redirect you to that website's details page, where you can view an image gallery, the owner's description, the extensions used, other extensions (if specified), the difficulties encountered when building the website and our own impression of the website. We have also included an URL to the website in question, should you want to visit it for yourself.

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