RSMediaGallery! rev. 6 - Frontend filtering and a new menu item

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RSMediaGallery! - Joomla! media extension

The new RSMediaGallery! revision brings, along with some bug fixes, the possibility to filter images in the frontend by tags, and a new menu item, Albums Layout, which enables you to create photo albums.

Tag filtering

Frontend users can now filter listed images based on the tags used in the Gallery Layout menu item. Once the filtering options are enabled in the backend, all available tags will be displayed above the frontend image listing. Also, multiple stylish transition effects that will be enacted when a tag is selected were introduced, you can read more about them in our documentation.

The Albums Layout menu item

Another brand-new feature that this new revision has to offer is the Albums Layout menu item. Through it, you can display gallery albums based on tags selected in the menu item's configuration area. More information on this topic can be found in the Albums Layout article in our documentation.

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