Using Joomla! and RSEvents! for a music band website

in RSEvents! on 16 May 2009 having 3 comments

So here you are, looking for an event management extension for Joomla!... one that maybe can let invite people to the concerts that you are organizing?

And maybe RSEvents! - frontend viewyou also need to set up tickets with limitation on seats and different prices?

Of course, you'll be looking to enhance the event page with youtube videos, music samples or flickr photo albums.

RSEvents!, our Joomla! Events & Calendar extension does all that using
the "Really Simple" concept you probably already noticed in our other products.RSEvents! backend demo

The band will be able to choose different event layouts for each concert, because RSEvents! has a gallery of Event designs that can be updated. Also, they will be able to set ticket limitations and different prices, that the fans will purchase directly from the event page.

Fans can view a calendar containing all the performing dates, and they can filter them based on categories and locations.

You can activate the Google Maps plugin that will show the location where the concert is directly on the event page.

Often concerts have repeating dates. RSEvents! has a nice feature that allows you to set up repeating dates for the event.

The front-end layout is completely customizable so you can add photos, and other event information wherever you want on the event page and in the intro description.

Try RSEvents! right now, on our demo server or Ask a question about the component to RSJoomla! support.

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Toryalai Hart - 31.10.2010 (22:05:03)
RSEvents designs

These are awful for professional use although the package itself is fairly good. I wish there was a way for the design to take on the characteristics of the template to avoid serious clash... or at least have one that is so plain that it can pass as being integrated.


discount violin strings - 16.03.2010 (05:27:41)

I will try to make website that can generate and play music by the users, somehow i would try joomla for creating my music webpage.


discount violin strings - 16.03.2010 (05:27:00)

Joomla is actually one of the best tool to use if you are planning to build a website, not only a music website but any kind of website.


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