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We would like to thank the community for the participation via our feedback section. This blog entry announces four new payment gateways integrations for RSEvents!Pro (Virtual Merchant, Eway, MyGate and Anz eGate). That's not all, Smart Search Joomla! feature can now be used to gather content from RSEvents!Pro.

Smart Search plugin

Smart Search came as a replacement for the standard Joomla! search module "com_search". Smart Search is actually a group of finder type plug-ins, used to gather content from different components. The indexer uses AJAX requests to complete the overall process in small chunks so as to avoid timeouts and memory problems.

More information on the RSEvents!Pro Smart Search plugin can be found here.

Newly added payment integrations

Along with PayPal, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout and iDeal, the following payment gateways can also be used within RSEvents!Pro for payment processing:

  1. Virtual Merchant: payment gateway with a diversity of online carts.
  2. Eway: payment gateway for Australia.
  3. MyGate: South African payment gateway.
  4. Anz eGate: mostly a New Zealand payment gateway.

Each and every one of them can be configured directly from the backend, more precisely Components > RSEvents!Pro > Payment integrations area. Here you can adjust the plugin parameters.

For detailed parameter configuration, click on Virtual Merchant, Eway, MyGate, Anz eGate.

Note: These plugins are only compatible with Joomla! 2.5 / 3.x.

For a full list of features and changes you can read the changelog here.

Go to the RSEvents!Pro product page

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Your feedback is very important for the further development of our components, we always check our customers feedback before deciding on the features, integrations or even components that will be released in the future. You can leave your feedback in our feedback section.

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Alexandru Plapana - 24.10.2013 (03:42:06)

All plugins are listed here:

Unfortunately no, there is no Jetpay integration, and you can't simply add an URL to be redirected to the payment gateway. A specialized will be required for this.


jhon - 23.10.2013 (13:55:49)
Jetpay Payment Gateway

I have a question about payment gateway. We currently are interested in buying this product and want to know if Jetpay is supported. If not, can we enter a url and have the payment to to that site?



Payment Gateway Provider - 17.09.2013 (06:01:12)

Thanks for keeping us updated. You are the first company of the kind who discusses new features with customers.


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