Joomla! Form - 5 things to consider when choosing a Joomla! form

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While developing Joomla! websites for your customers you often probably needed a contact form. Here's what you should consider when choosing the right Joomla! form builder:

1. Is it easy to use?

Often Joomla! Form builders are made from the programmer's point of view, thus requiring you to read entire documentation articles and have complex HTML knowledge to be able to create fields and set up the layout.

RSForm!Pro keeps the layout simple. You have a single page where you can add, edit, delete and change order to your form fields. Another really helpful feature is the pre-defined layouts that help you change the form layout on the run, simply by clicking on one of them.

2. Can it do the job?

Most of your customers (if not all of them) will for sure ask you to add specific functionalities to the form, such as, dynamic dependent drop-downs, or calculations depending on form selection.

RSForm!Pro has a lot of solutions that help you satisfy the strangest requests. You can add place-holders to thank you messages, to e-mails being sent to submitters or to staff members.

3. Is it safe? Will the form get spam?

A constant threat for Joomla! websites, due to the fact that it's so popular, is spam.

RSForm!Pro has a captcha anti-spam field that you can fully customize, choose the number of characters, and even it's aspect. Also, RSForm!Pro has built-in XSS(Cross-Site Scripting) functions that will prevent any type of intrusion attempts.

4. Will it collect the data the way I want?

You will find out that you need the submissions saved to a CSV file. Or sent to multiple recipients by mail, or saved in an external table.. OR even in a different, external database!

With RSForm!Pro you can collect the submitted data in all these ways, simple and without painful customizations.

5. What kind of support will I get?

This is where it gets tricky! Most Joomla! Form builders will give you limited support or even ask you to pay additional fees for support.

We give our customer full support. We even help customers with customizations, provide existing solutions, or create new ones for their specific cases.

We are really proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate.

That being said, we are convinced that you will become one of the thousands happy customers that constantly use RSForm!Pro. Just fill this form and download the try-out version that you can install directly on your website.

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Barrie Hayes - 01.11.2010 (18:54:49)
Trial version

Would like to try out RSForm!Pro for our Joomla managed website. What does production version cost?


Alexandru Plapana - 25.10.2010 (03:50:22)

I presume you are referring to RSform!. Note that is not a "basis" version of RSForm!Pro. These are two totally different components.

Unfortunately we can't provide trial versions. It seems that your described scenario can be done, but you will require some custom scripting knowledge, as this can't be done with the default functionality.


Ton Rademaker - 17.10.2010 (12:37:34)

sinceI can not get the basis version to submit data to an external database I'd like to try...


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