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A whole list of improvements and new features have been added into the new RSEvents!Pro revision, starting with a better RSForm!Pro integration to better understand how registration can be done, better RSMediaGallery! integration which now doesn’t need the integration plugin anymore, multi-language notification e-mails and much more.

RSForm!Pro integration made more intuitive

Starting with Revision 3 you will be able to see what’s missing in making a good integration between the two extensions. Just follow this simple step by step guide in order to use a custom form for the event registration.

Using RSForm!Pro to create custom forms for your events is easy and gives you the power to ask for all the details that you need for your events from your subscribers. Combined with the unlimited features that RSForm!Pro offers, you'll basically have all the tools that you need to create a complete event registration

Export submissions now include RSForm!Pro data as well

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If you're using RSForm!Pro as a registration form for your events, you'll be happy to hear that starting with Rev. 3, when exporting the event registrations, you'll have the RSForm!Pro custom fields as well inside the exported file.

Additional improvements have been added to the integration between the two extension. You're able to select whether you wish to save the submitted data both in RSForm!Pro and RSEvents!Pro or only in the event manager.

Multi-language notification e-mails

We have developed a feature that allows you to customize the notification e-mails that your users are receiving, on different actions, such as subscribing to an event, invitations, reminders and moderation e-mails.

Depending on the language that your user selected when registering to your website, you'll be able to send translated e-mails to the subscribers.

More and more features and improvements

The new revision comes with a full list of improvements and features requested by you, our active community. Some of the improvements are related to payments. The payment gateway is now shown inside the back-end subscription view; a payment mask can be configured to show ticket prices in a certain format, such as $ 1.99 or 1.99 USD, making it 100% configurable

We've added some new columns such as Subscrbier IP, Gateway, Status, Total amount in the file that is generated when exporting the registered users.

RSMediaGallery! LogoThe RSMediaGallery! integration became much easier since it no longer requires a plug-in and it's built in. You simply must have the two extensions installed and you'll be able to use the gallery images directly inside RSEvents!Pro locations and events.

Developers have their share as well with the new CSS class added - "rs_event_ongoing" for the ongoing events, and also with the triggers "rsepro_afterSubscribe", "rsepro_beforeSubscribe" and "rsepro_details" that let them create integration plugins with other 3rd party applications

Read the full changelog here

Go to the RSEvents!Pro product page

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Alexandru Plapana - 23.11.2012 (02:33:40)

Yes, of course. You can use the feedback section:


Bob - 22.11.2012 (08:39:50)
Feature suggestions

I would like to suggest some new features/improvements. Do you have a platform for collecting these suggestions?


Alexandru Plapana - 12.11.2012 (03:07:42)

RSEvents!Pro does incorporate two types of reminder emails: Reminder and post reminder. The reminder email will be delivered automatically with X days prior to event start. The post reminder will be manually triggered (after the event ends).


Skip Philip - 11.11.2012 (23:31:37)
Feature Info

hello, I am a Cub Scout den leader. We are looking for a calendar to organize the various events for the different dens (group of boys) in our pack. As well as organize pack outings. I guess it sort of like distribution lists. They'll be a dist list for 1st graders, 2nd, 3rd, etc. But all of them will be in a dist list for the entire pack.

We don't want to bog each den down with what the others are doing, but the cubmaster aka pack leader needs to know what's going on and send out communications to everyone. We would also like some sort of reminder system that sends out e-mails to those signed up for an event a day in advance.

Can this calendar do all that?

Thanks in advance.


Alexandru Plapana - 27.09.2012 (03:58:48)

Currently, if you have an active RSEvents! license, you can upgrade it for free to RSEvents!Pro. You can do this within the > My memberships area.


Eric Venter - 26.09.2012 (06:49:30)
Purchase information

We have purchased and are currently using the previous (paid) version of RSEvents.
Can you please advise whether we can use the recently released RS Events PRO, whether it is covered under our current subscription or whether we need to purchase a new subscription.

If we need to purchase again, do you offer some credit for the outstanding period of our current subscription for the (now) obsolete RS Events?

In short, how do I upgrade, and what are the subscription issues.



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