RSEvents!Pro Rev. 2 - New configurable e-mails

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RSEvents!Pro logoWe had a fresh start with RSEvents!Pro and, as usual when launching a new product small things still need to be adjusted. Rev. 2 comes with a few fixes regarding the event dates and how dates are imported from RSEvents! in case you are upgrading.

The New subscription to event, Event Moderation and Tag Moderation e-mails are now configurable

Starting with Rev. 2, you can edit the New subscription to event notification. The e-mail is sent to administrators when a new user subscribes to an event.

If you allow your users to add events in RSEvents!Pro you can set up moderation in order to publish the events only after reviewing them. Each time an event is added, you can receive a new Moderation e-mail and now, you can also configure the e-mail that you are receiving and add the information that you need.

Also, RSEvents!Pro lets you moderate the tags that users add when creating a new event. You are now able to configure the Tag Moderation e-mail as well.

The event layout is now completely configurable when editing the event

RSEvents!Pro allows you to add and remove information from the event page, such as End date, location, or anything else. Starting with Rev. 2, you can also remove the "Invite" link. Also you can remove the "Posted by" information from the front-end.

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