RSSeo! Rev. 13 - Google connectivity check

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The new RSSeo! revision fixes some connectivity issues reported by some of the users. Also, we improved the loading time of the extension by updating some of the MySQL queries that are executed.

Added the Google connectivity check

There were some reports of data not being correctly gathered from Google. This usually happens when your domain is banned by Google. Now you can test if your domain can retrieve valid data using the "Check Google connectivity" button that you can find in the RSSeo! dashboard. In case you domain is banned, you will see a Google page that says "Your client does not have permission to get URL...". You'll have to contact Google and solve the issue with them in order to get the ban removed.

Optimized loading time

We took the time and updated some of the MySQL queries in order to make the extension load faster. The update is reducing the requests to the server so we strongly recommend you to update RSSeo! to make it work more faster.

Updated Alexa ranking retrieval

We also updated the Alexa ranking retrieval method that was no longer working.

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