Progress bar for multi-page forms in RSForm!Pro revision 42

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RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form extension

RSForm!Pro rev. 42 comes with several code improvements and new form features: "Unique Field per User" validation and "Page Progress" bar for multi-page forms.

1. "Page Progress" option for multi-page forms

You can now display a progress bar to show your users where they are in the process of filling out a multi-page form.

progress bar for Joomla! multi-page forms

2. "Unique Field per User" validation

Aside the validation rules included in the previous revision, RSForm!Pro rev. 42 comes with a new one: "Unique Field per User".
When this validation rule is selected, RSForm!Pro won’t allow the submission of 2 identical field values per user. The validation is applied for both type of users, registered by checking the user id) and guests (by checking the visitor IP).

field validation rules

3. Code improvements

Several code and functionality improvements have been performed in RSForm!Pro rev. 42 to assure an increased server performance.

You can find the changelog here

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