Import Joomla! 1.5 forms from Blue Flame Forms to RSForm!Pro

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RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form extension

We've released an RSForm!Pro plugin which will allow you to migrate all your Joomla! 1.5 forms from Blue Flame Forms to RSForm!Pro along with their submissions.

Download the RSForm!Pro - Blue Flame Forms Migration plugin

Access your account and download the plugin from "My downloads" area >> RSForm!Pro membership.
Notice that you'll need an active RSForm!Pro subscription to be able to download the BF Forms importer.

2. Install the migration plugin

This is a standard plugin installation, through the default Joomla! installer. In the Joomla! backend panel, head to Extensions >> Install / Uninstall and upload the package that you've just downloaded from our website.

3. Migrate forms from BF Forms to RSForm!Pro

You can migrate all your forms via the RSForm!Pro "Configuration" area.

In the Joomla! backend panel, head to Components >> RSForm!Pro >> Configuration >> BF Forms Migration. Several plugin options allows you to import both forms and submissions, you can keep hidden fields / Convert hidden fields to CAPTCHA or move uploaded files to RSForm! Pro folders .

We have created a video tutorial that will show you step by step how to migrate all your BF Forms to RSForm!Pro.

Check the video tutorial

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reinert aarseth - 09.11.2011 (14:23:32)

i have to make some forms for my website


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