RSFirewall! revision 26 released with Joomla! 1.6.4 hash files

in RSFirewall! on 28 Jun 2011 having 0 comments

Joomla! 1.6

Joomla! 1.6.4 is out! Aside fixing several security issues, the new release will provide an automatic upgrade to the upcoming Joomla! 1.7.

RSFirewall! - Joomla! security extension

RSFirewall! has been updated with Joomla! 1.6.4 hash files as well.

If you're using 1.6 on a live site, we recommend updating both Joomla! and RSFirewall! to the latest revisions (Joomla! 1.6.4, respective RSFirewall! rev. 26) and perform a new "System Check".

How to update to RSFirewall! rev. 26

Read the changelog

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