RSBlog! revision 6 released with new blog templates and improved JomSocial functionality

in RSBlog! on 25 May 2011 having 0 comments

RSBlog! - Joomla! blog extension

We’re happy to announce the release of a new RSBlog! revision with an improved JomSocial functionality, new template layout and a new group functionality.

1. Improved JomSocial functionality

We’ve improved the RSBlog! functionality so it will automatically update the JomSocial Activity Stream with the latest published articles.

2. New template layout

Aside the default RSBlog! template, the new revision comes with 6 new designs (blue, dark, green, purple, red and orange), configurable on one or two column themes.

RSBlog! new templates

3. New group permission

The RSBlog! Groups tab now has a new option, that once enabled, it allows the frontend users with permissions to view unpublished blog posts.

RSBlog! - view unpublished posts from the Joomla! back-end panel

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