Fresh updates in RSComments! revision 7

in RSComments! on 10 Mar 2011 having 0 comments

RSComments! - Joomla! comment extension

RSComments! revision 7 comes with fresh updates: improved functionality and EasyBlog integration.

1. Option to show the comment form on blocked articles

RSComments! is pretty flexible: you can add comments to any Joomla! or 3rd party page or block certain articles.
In the new revision, if a particular article is part of the disabled Joomla! sections and categories, you'll still be able to use the default RSComments! syntax, which allows you to publish comments on any Joomla! page:
{rscomments on}

2. Extended avatar support

Besides the avatar options available in the previous RSComments! revisions (Gravatar, Community Builder, Kunena, JomSocial and FireBoard), you can now show in frontend, the EasyBlog avatar as well.

RSComments! - enable comment avatar

How to update to RSComments! revision 7?

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