New updates - RSForm! Pro Content Plugin, RSForm! Pro Module and a brand new RSForm! Pro System Plugin

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RSForm!Pro - Joomla! form manager

Today, we've released a brand new Joomla! System Plugin - the RSForm! Pro Plugin.

What does the RSForm! Pro System Plugin do ?

The System Plugin works exactly like the Content Plugin (known until now as mosrsform) - it displays the specified form wherever it finds the right syntax {rsform [number]}.
The limitation of the Content Plugin however, was that it only worked with Joomla! articles. This means that if you wanted to use a Custom HTML module, a 3rd party component that loaded the Joomla! article directly from the database, it would not work.
With the RSForm! Pro System Plugin, this limitation is lifted. It will work regardless of where the {rsform [number]} syntax is found.


Some users reported that a bug occured when using two or more forms on the same page - RSForm! Pro tried to validate both forms and ended up throwing errors. Now, this issue is fixed and you can use as many forms as you would like on the same page.

What's coming up next ?

Although RSForm! Pro is already packed up with lots of features, we will continue to improve it and provide the best value for our customers. Any suggestions are welcome, so feel free to comment!

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Alexandru Plapana - 19.06.2012 (02:07:02)

Head to My downloads > View all plugins and modules > RSForm! Pro Files > Plugins: RSForm! Pro Content Plugin


Tim Macdonell - 22.02.2012 (11:23:52)

I am looking for the 1.7 RSForm! Pro Content Plugin.

Im only seeing a joomla 1.0 for this?


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