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RSMail! revision 12 comes with fresh updates in the "Templates", "Messages" and "Settings" tabs.RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

1. New subscriber notification email

Besides the existing subscriber emails, “Confirmation email” and “Unsubscribe email”, starting with revision 12, you can enable a notification email for whenever a new subscriber is being added.

RSMail! notification email

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Joomla! newsletter extension

We've released RSMail! revision 11 with new subscribe module features and an improved scheduled emails functionality.

1. Updated RSMail! Cron

With RSMail! you can send newsletters immediately or schedule their deployment.
Scheduling a newsletter requires a cron job which is useful when your hosting provider limits the number of e-mails allowed to be sent per hour.
Starting with RSMail! revision 11, we’ve optimized the newsletter sending algorithm to improve the cron functionality.

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RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

The new RSMail! revision comes with new features - error report, unsubscribers view and improvements for the template manager, subscribers view and bounce emails.

1. Improved the "Templates" manager

The “Templates" manager has been improved.
Starting with RSMail! rev. 10, when creating a new template, you can add the newsletter text version and the HTML version, using a WYSIWYG editor.

RSMail! templates

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RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

We have included in RSMail! rev. 9 the bounce email handling feature, since it’s the most requested on the RSMail! feedback and the ability to create newsletters directly from K2 articles.

1. Bounce email handling:

This marketing term refers to email deliverability rate and it's an indicator of your newsletter campaign success.
The bounce email shows the rate of undeliverable emails because of the server or software issues and wrong user addresses.
Basically, this percent reveals how many of your subscribers have received your emails.

e.g. A bounce rate equal with 0% indicates a 100% deliverability rate.

RSMail! - bounce rate

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RSMail! revision 4 has been released. We have added a few important features to the new version including:RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

  • The possibility to add multiple articles to the message
  • You can now customize the Unsubscribe link
  • You can ask people that subscribe to confirm their e-mail address


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