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RSJoomla! demoOne of the great pluses Joomla! has amongst other CMS is the great flexibility you get using a Joomla! module inside a Joomla! module position. Thinking that you can put Joomla! modules wherever you want using the Joomla! module positions and publish them only on some of your menu items, is just great!

So, what's a Joomla! module position?

Think at a Joomla! module position as a fixed place on your website where, depending on the page that you are visiting, you can publish certain things such as a login form, a contact form, or a sub-menu for instance.

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Joomla!Day SwedenWe are happy to announce that we will attend the Joomla! Day Sweden 2009, in Stockholm the 15th and 16th of May.

We will present one of our products, RSForm!Pro and we will talk about Joomla! Security and how do we plan to help out Joomla! users secure their website with our upcoming security extension.

You can find more information on the event at

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Finally, the RSJoomla! Affiliate Program is here! And to make it really attractive, we give 25% on each generated sale.

Starting from today, you can promote RSJoomla! 's software on your website and get paid: 25% guaranteed commission.

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RSJoomla! - Joomla! extensions

Things are moving really fast here at, and while working on RSEvents! and moving to a bigger office, we have decided to launch a new service for our clients, the RSJoomla!TV.

Our main target is to create at least an episode each week related mostly to our products. You'll be able to watch our Joomla! video tutorials archive(I like to call them episodes) and learn from the basics to advanced customizations of our products.

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Joomla! Day Melbourne 20092009 announces to be rich in great events for the Joomla! community .

Since the year started the turkey community has organized Joomla! Day 2009 in Izmir on January, 10th , "an incredible day of learning, sharing, and networking with others".

Another great Joomla! event in Melbourne , Australia has past and as organizers mentioned :

"Joomla! Day 2009 has been a fantastic day with experts across a range of levels sharing their expertise with the 130 in attendance. "

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