How to create a multi-language form in Joomla!

In this tutorial we will show you how to set up a multi-language form using RSForm!Pro.

Step 1: Install language
Many websites support more than one language in both their frontend and backend areas. RSForm!Pro includes a feature that was designed to aid you in translating your forms in the language installed for your website's frontend.
First, we have to install the language we wish. To do this, let's go to "Extension" > "Manage" > "Install Languages". It is advisable that the language you install is the same version with your Joomla! version, or at least as recent as possible. We have chosen the German language as an example. You can notice that it is the same version as the currently Joomla! version installed. Let's wait a few seconds until the installation is performed. A confirmation message will appear once the installation is done.

Step 2: Configure the multi-language form
Now let's head to "Components" > "RSForm!Pro" > "Manage Forms" and click on our example form. Notice the drop-down language picker to the upper-left side. Simply select the language you want to edit the form for and type in the translations in the fields marked with a flag icon. This is usually available for field captions, default values and descriptions.
Let's edit some text to describe the form, using the "Free Text" component. Then we have to click on "Update" to save our work. Now we can test our new multi-language settings...

Step 3: Activate the language
Our frontend language is currently set to English(en-GB). As you can see, the Header field is being displayed as originally configured. In order to change the language, let's go to "Extensions" > "Language(s)" > "Installed". As you can notice, the default language is set to English(en-GB). Let's enable the German(Germany) language.
Congratulations! After refreshing the page, the Header field will be displayed as set up for the German language.


RPPEO - 05.01.2021 (11:41:07)
Can the user select the language needed??

We are trying to make a form bilingual, however I can not figure out how to allow the user to select the language.
Switching the default language for site isn't needed, just the form, on the fly, as needed by the user.


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