RSContact! - Presentation

RSContact! is a customizable contact form that can be placed in a module position. We are offering the module for free so don't hesitate to download it and give it a test drive!

Form Fields

The form offers a wide variety of pre-defined fields perfectly suited for a contact form, like Salutation (Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. / Dr. / Prof.), First and Last Name (either one or 2 separate fields), Email, Address, City and others (watch the video for a full listing) and 3 fully customizable fields which allow you to set their type, caption and predefined values.

Send Emails

An email-sending functionality is present. In fact, this is the only way in which submitted information can get passed on, since no information is being saved in the database. The configurable email can be sent to the website's administrator.

Form submitters are also given the option to receive an email containing their submission by simply checking a box.

Form Options

RSContact! allows you to customize its header and footer, set a required fields marker and a position for the labels (inside / outside) and write a custom Thank You message that will get displayed after the form's submission.

Custom Code

Personalization options don't end here. Included in the form's configuration there are 2 areas in which custom code can be added: Custom CSS and Custom Javascript. This will greatly increase the form's flexibility, allowing you to implement exactly what you have in mind.


The form can, basically, be placed in any module position that your template has to offer. However, since it's quite large, not all positions may be suitable without some custom CSS modifications of your fields. This is why the recommended positions remain column-left and column-right (or their equivalents).


1000 Characters left

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