Ep. 53: RSSearch! - Joomla! content search extension

RSSearch! allows you to search content in Joomla! articles, categories and components. It can be easily extended to search in any 3rd party component.



Step 1: Download RSSearch!

  1. To download the RSSearch! extension, head to Downloads > Free Downloads > RSSearch!. Within this area you can download the component and its plugins.


Step 2: Install RSSearch!

  1. Head to Extensions > Extension Manager and upload the RSSearch! package.


Step 3: Configure the RSSearch! Module

  1. Head to the "Module Manager" area and edit the RSSearch! module.
    Depending on your Joomla! version, you can configure RSSearch! to find content in Joomla! pages, RSEvents!Pro, RSMembership!, RSBlog!, RSFiles!, Kunena, Virtuemart, K2, SobiPro, Mosets Tree. It can be extended to search in any 3'rd party component.
  2. Here, you can also configure the module parameters: search button, results limit, search box width, results box width and the number of words shown in the description.


Step 4: Configure the RSSearch! Plugins

  1. After the module configuration, head to Extensions >> Plugin Manager to configure the search plugins.
  2. For each RSSearch! plugin, you can limit the searches to certain categories/items/sections.
  3. Depending on your Joomla! version:
  4. You can configure the Website Content plugin to search in Joomla! content, categories and sections.
  5. You can configure the K2 plugin to search in items and categories.
  6. You can configure the RSBlog! plugin to search in posts and categories.
  7. You can configure the RSFiles! plugin to search your files.
  8. You can configure the RSEvents!Pro plugin to search in events and categories.
  9. You can configure the RSMembership! plugin to search in membership, categories and terms.
  10. You can configure the Kunena plugin to search in the forum messages and categories.
  11. You can configure the Virtuemart plugin to search in products, categories & reviews.
  12. You can configure the Sobi2 plugin to search in links and categories.
  13. You can configure the Mosets Tree plugin to search in links and categories.


In frontend:

  1. In frontend, RSSearch! displays results from all configured plugins.
  2. The search results are displayed as you type in the keyword.
  3. Users can close the search box or view all results that matches their search string.


Download RSSearch!



Alexandru Plapana - 27.04.2015 (01:58:44)

These are not installed automatically. You can download and install them separately, according to your needs:



nishana - 25.04.2015 (08:52:47)
plugins not installed


I downloaded the rs search component installed it but the plugins for third party components are missing . Please help


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