RSForm!Pro 3.0.0 - Joomla! 4 compatibility and improvements across the board

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RSForm!Pro, our Joomla! Form Builder and Manager extension, joined our list of Joomla! 4 compatible components!

Joomla! 4 Compatibility

As the new Joomla! version is right arouund the corner, we are continuing the compatibility streak and updated our RSForm!Pro component in order to support this new version of Joomla!.

We do not advise to update your live sites to Joomla! 4, the current compatibility is only meant for tests on your development servers.
Introducing Bootstrap 5 Layout

As always, we adhere to the Joomla! standard and have introduced a Bootstrap 5 layout for your form configuration. Just like the other frameworks avaialble, this layout is built on the spot based on your fields and grid arrangement.

Google Drive Plugin

One of the biggest concerns today is how to keep our files in a safe place, without limiting their accessibility or availability.

Having this in mind, we have developed an integration between RSForm!Pro and Google Drive, one of the biggest cloud storage platforms in the world.

This plugin will allow you to connect your RSForm!Pro forms to Google Drive and upload submitted files within the desired destination folder.

Improvements across the board

Supporting the new Joomla! version, but also making sure that current installations are not affected had us take another look at the component source code and implement updates, corrections and improvements. These will ensure that you will continue to use the full power of RSForm!Pro in your current Joomla! version.

Along with these updates, the component has also been enriched with a new option of enabling or disabling the CSRF Tokens.

For those who do not know, CSRF(Cross-site request forgery) tokens can prevent CSRF attacks by making it impossible for an attacker to construct a fully valid HTTP request suitable for feeding to a victim user.

Since the attacker cannot determine or predict the value of a user's CSRF token, they cannot construct a request with all the parameters that are necessary for the application to honor the request.

This and much more can be read in the component changelog through the link below.

Note: After updating the component, you will have to make sure that you are using the latest version of all component's plugins and modules. Otherwise you can download them from our website and install them over the current versions(this acts as an update).

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