New RSForm!Pro payment integration : Stripe

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RSForm!Pro - Stripe Plugin

At the customers request, the Stripe payment integration is now available for RSForm!Pro

Increase your sales!

Get your Secret API Key, map the specific Stripe fields in no time and you are ready to grow your business.

Follow the link below for more information on how you can download, install and configure this integration:

Please make sure you install the Payment Package plugin first.
How to get the Stripe payment integration:

Since this plugin is commercial and not included in the default RSForm!Pro package, this can be done in two ways:

  • If you don't own a RSForm!Pro subscription, you can purchase one along with this payment integration from the RSForm!Pro product page
  • If you own an active RSForm!Pro subscription, you can purchase this plugin from My Memberships area > Buy extra plugins button, while logged in on our website

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Sébastien Steffes - 26.08.2017 (11:10:21)
Where is it?


I just can't find it on your site? It is not listed under my downloads, nor can i find the page to buy it separately?


Andy Bonner - 24.05.2017 (22:44:54)
Great... and now Payment Choice REALLY needed in Conditional Fields

Fantastic to see the arrival of the Stripe plugin.
Now we can offer customers PayPal or Stripe options, we REALLY need the 'Payment Choice' field to be one of the selectable fields in the Conditional Fields of RS Form...
So you can set it so that if Stripe is selected the necessary fields show up (card number, etc), but if PayPal is selected then they don't!
Hopefully developers can see the high priority need for this now?


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