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The new RSComments! version 1.1 comes with a set of features that will surely be appreciated by its users. We took the time and worked on improving the usability of our extension and added some features that were requested.

18 Jun 2012 0 comments in RSComments!
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One of the most expected extensions this year is the new Joomla! event management extension - RSEvents!Pro. Our new event planner comes as the result of years of customer feedbacks and suggestions and has been specially developed to meet their demands.

13 Jun 2012 0 comments in RSEvents!Pro
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RSMail! Logo You can now create messages from Joomla! articles, K2 articles, RSBlog!, RSEvents!Pro(releasing soon) with the click of a button.

06 Jun 2012 4 comments in RSMail!
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Joomla! Blog

Blogging has never been easier in Joomla! with the new revision of RSBlog!. We improved the usability of our Joomla! blogging extension by adding some new features such as dynamic filters in the back-end blog listing that will help you find old blog posts in a matter of seconds.

09 Apr 2012 0 comments in RSBlog!
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Joomla! download manager - RSFiles!

Captcha and reCaptcha when downloading files

The new RSFiles! revision 10 allows you to publish downloadable files on your Joomla! website and protect them from bots with standard CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA. The visitors will have to enter the human check codes before being able to download files

16 Feb 2012 0 comments in RSFiles!
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