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RSSearch! comes with various integrations either for RSJoomla! components or third party extensions that expands the overall search radius. However, you may wish to have an even larger searching mechanism.

29 Dec 2014 4 comments in RSSearch!
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Template overrides offer tremendous flexibility in terms of content look and feel. You can control any aspect - HTML output and CSS, without affecting the component's update process.

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RSDirectory! - directory ads management

Not enough credits to submit an entry? This version(1.2.0) brings a new frontend user experience in your ads directory management. Users can now submit entries even though they have insufficient credits and have these finalized later.

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RSTickets!Pro - Joomla help-desk ticketing system

Joining the Joomla! 3 compatibility list, RSTickets!Pro comes with a new frontend layout and Bootstrap capabilities, a support ticketing solution to suit most needs.

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RSForm!Pro logo

Probably the most requested feature for RSForm!Pro, this revision adds the possibility to edit submissions in the frontend area, restrict form access, perform calculations and even a Google map inside your form.

09 Sep 2013 6 comments in RSForm!Pro
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