Ep. 43: Introducing RSMail! - Joomla! newsletter extension

This episode presents the most important RSMail! features: subscribers, creating and sending the message,RSMail! settings, auto-responders, email reports.



With RSMail!, you can create and send customized newsletters directly from the backend Joomla! panel


1. The "Messages" tab

  1. This tab contains a standard email setup form: WYSIWYG editor to create the HTML version, spam check, email preview, option to send test emails, options to send the newsletter immediately or scheduled (in case you have a limited number of emails sent per hour imposed by your hosting provider).
    You can send the newsletter to multiple lists and to an unlimited number of subscribers.


2. The "Sessions" tab

  1. You can stop sending the message any time and resume from the "Sessions" tab.


3. The "Reports" tab

  1. RSMail! offers detailed message statistics in the "Reports" tab.


4. Subscribers

  1. You can organize subscribers into lists. If needed, you can import subscribers lists from a .csv file.


5. Unsubscribers

  1. Users can be unsubscribed manually from the "Unsubscribers" tab or automatically. Their email addresses will be excluded from all mailing lists.


6. Auto-responders

  1. You can set autoresponders after user subscribes or after a specified date.


7. Templates

  1. The "Templates" tab allows you to create and save different layouts for newsletters.


8. Integrations

  1. You can create custom subscribing forms with the RSForm!Pro-RSMail! Plugin.


9. Settings

  1. This tab allows you to control general component settings: update codes, email options and cron job.



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