Ep.23 - RSFiles! - Joomla! download manager - backend overview

This video presents the most important backend features included in RSFiles!.


Backend access:

  1. In the backend Joomla! panel, head to Components >> RSFiles! >> Files


The "Files" tab:

  1. 1.The Files tab allows you to upload new files to the specified root folder and create folders.

  3. 2. For shared files you can: set permissions, add download mirrors, set the download method - directly from the site or by email, add file description, enable statistics: total downloads, date, IP and username;


The "Licenses" tab:

  1. In the Licenses tab, you can set license texts.


The "Groups" tab:

  1. The Groups tab allows you to create user groups and set download permissions for them.


The "Themes" tab:

  1. In the Themes tab, you can create your own download interface.


The "Settings" tab:

  1. The Settings tab allows you to control the Frontend view, files and emails (admin emails and download emails).


Test RSFiles! in frontend


Test RSFiles! in backend



Stojan - 10.02.2011 (03:07:50)
modifications on rs files

I'm interested to buy rs files component, but to this component meet my needs, some modifications sholud be made. In download via email, I need som additional fields (name, companyname), and after form submit need a thank you message. Can you help me with this modifications?

Thank you for your answer,


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