Ep. 86 - RSDirectory! General Presentation

Brief introduction

RSDirectory! is the latest to join our broad palette of Joomla! extensions. With it, you can create any type of directory that your scenario might require.

Let's say that you wish to allow your customers to post 3 types of entries: second-hand or new mobile phones, auto-mobiles and also implement a directory where travelling companies can advertise their offer. RSDirectory! would be the perfect solution for this, as it allows unlimited category management and the possibility to associate fully customizable forms with each category so that you can gather the appropriate data for each of them.


And this is not all by far. Learn more about the component in its detailed documentation section, as well as its frontend and backend video presentations.


Joe Waskewich - 11.12.2013 (11:30:47)

Just looked through the demo, front & back end. This extension is going to be a huge success! Can't wait to use it.


nahrafqifahs - 11.12.2013 (03:39:46)
Nice Phil...

Nice introduction... help me understood what it for.. TQ


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